A nation reveals itself not only
by the men it produces,
but also by the men it honors…
the men it remembers.

John F. Kennedy

Home of America's Heroes They represent America's bravest and best - the men and women who have served and sacrificed in defense of our nation. Their stories offer lessons for us all in how to live our lives. They are the recipients of America's highest military award: the Medal of Honor.

Since first awarded in March 1863, more than 25 million men and women have served during our nation's conflicts. Fewer than 3,500 of them have received the Medal of Honor. They wear it for all who have served and sacrificed in defense of our nation.

Now you can help create a place that gives people an opportunity to reflect on the service, the values and the ideals exemplified by these Medal recipients.

America needs a National Medal of Honor Museum. You can make it a reality. Please give today.

The Medal of Honor Museum will be the only one in the country dedicated to preserving and presenting the meaning of the Medal of Honor and the stories of its recipients.

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Inside visitors will experience a museum and education center that makes personal and emotional connections to recipients, events and the ideals and values that the Medal represents.